Party service

The 52 m2 party hall in Holmi Holiday House is a perfect place for holding wedding and other different parties as well as seminars and conferences.

Fishing, fish smoking and grilling

A couple of hundred meters away from Holmiranna there is Kungla harbour, opened in You can rent a suitable boat for your fishing trip from the harbour. In Men's Chamber you can get ready for your trip and later relax beside the fireplace. It is also possible to smoke or grill the caught fish on site.

Boat rental

One boat, two oars and a pleasant company is all that you need. You can rent a boat from Kungla harbour and go and discover Kõiguste bay on your own. Or catch fish instead.

Bike rental

Kungla is a small village, which can be best discovered on a bike — you will have a good opportunity to enjoy peace and quiet by driving along forest and village roads. For example, to go and discover Kungla (Võhksa) manor, established in the 16th century, where in addition to the main house, a beautiful manor park and some auxiliary buildings have been preserved.


It is possible to order on-site catering for holding parties and events in Holmiranna or you can use a catering company at your discretion. In Holmi Holiday house we have 17m2 kitchen, where is electric stove and oven. 


Holmiranna offers accommodation in three buildings. Holmi Holiday House (3 rooms, up to 10 people), Holmiranna Holiday House (2 rooms, up to 8 people) and the sauna house (4 people).


Holmiranna Holiday House has a 52 m2 hall for holding conferences.
Conference guests can be comfortably accommodated in Holmiranna houses.
Additionally, it is possible to organize different leisure time activities for groups. Together we will find the most suitable package of different services.v