2. Märts 2016

How wonderful it is to do nothing and have a rest after that.
Spanish proverb

Holmiranna offers a pleasant vacation that is varied from simplicity to luxury. Here you can go fishing in the dawnlight through grass that is wet from dew. Here you can twirl in a party hall in beautiful shoes. Here you can lie down to rest under the stars or between silky soft bed linen.

Peace of mind has become a luxury in a hasty life, under the pressure of decisions. Take a time to take a break.

Holmi Holiday House 11. November 2013

We are open in May 2013.

There are three bedrooms in the house together with a common resting room with a fireplace. A 52 m2 party hall and a kitchen, where catering can be organized for visitors. The house can be rented partially or as a whole. We have 10 beds in Holmi Puhkemaja.

Holmiranna Holiday House 10. November 2013

We will open in May 2013.

Holmiranna Holiday House is perfect for a nice vacation for a family or a smaller group.

There are two bedrooms in Holmiranna Holiday House, a resting room with open kitchen and a sauna. The house is surrounded by a spacious terrace from two sides. The rooms are overlooking the sea.

In Holmiranna house we have 10 beds and all you needed for a holiday.

Sauna house 17. September 2012

Holmiranna sauna house is a cosy place, where you can take time out and enjoy sauna pleasures.

For cosy relaxation there is a fireplace room with spacious kitchen, where you can enjoy the company and the cracking fire.

There is plenty of room for 8 people to sit around the table.
From the fireplace room a staircase is leading to the second floor, into a resting room with 4 beds.

The house also has an outside terrace, where the visitors can enjoy the sunset and grill.